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An Oyata Te School
11001 S. Jackson Ave.
Kansas City , Missouri 64137-2040
Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards

Assistant Instructors: Bob Koenig, Becky Dreisewerd
Dai Senpai: Barry Keys


Student Books


Several books have been self published over the years and in 2012 we actually started publishing through lulu.com rather than self printing from the basement and binding with the device I purchased. This newest printing was at the request of our students.


Pocket Guide to Tuite

The Tuite Pocket Guide

This is a pocket guide of start positions to help students pick techniques to train on. It has 75 techniques on 40 pages, more than enough to keep anyone busy working on techniques.

Six Basic Principles of Tuite

The Six Basic Principles of Tuite

This book is 194 pages outlining basic princples, training aids and step by step details on how to begin working on tuite.

Still in Progress or available only to students. -
Other Published Titles Currently Getting Upgraded with New Photography

  Advanced Tuite Principles
  RyuShinKan - Kenshūkai Primer - Stepping Stones of Kyu Rank
  Women's Self-Defence
  Handgun Retention
  Kyusho Pocket Guide


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