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An Oyata Te School
11001 S. Jackson Ave.
Kansas City , Missouri 64137-2040
Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards

Assistant Instructors: Bob Koenig, Becky Dreisewerd
Dai Senpai: Barry Keys



Kyusho Kanji kyusho

Kyusho jutsu (急所術) is an art within Oyata Te that focuses on affecting vital areas and pressure points.  The points can incapacitate the person, or portions of the person such as the arms or legs.  The points may also aid another technique such as a Tuite technique, with no additional pain added.  The sub art can be used as an end to a confrontation, or as a setup for other techniques such as Tuite jutsu.  




Techniques are taught carefully, starting from a controlled seated position.  Pads are use for safety.  Techniques are then shown from various ground "pin" positions and eventually the student migrates to the more realistic standing and fighting postures.

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