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An Oyata Te School
11001 S. Jackson Ave.
Kansas City , Missouri 64137-2040
Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards

Assistant Instructors: Bob Koenig, Becky Dreisewerd
Dai Senpai: Barry Keys

Quick Reference

Ryushinkan is a relaxed Life Protection Arts school, a Family Art.  What do I mean by that?

We teach an Okinawan form of Karate as taught to us by Taika Seiyu Oyata.  All concepts originated from him. The atmosphere is relaxed and more like a family and friends than strange people shouting at you.  

It contains the typical punching and kicking of most Karate, however our philosophy is a little different.

We are not heavily into sparring and tournaments.  We focus on realistic self-defense, not on tournaments.  Tournaments are always different depending on the host, but they train you in bad habits like "Don't kick below the waist, no hits behind the back, etc".  They also slap a set of gloves on that prohibit the use of wrist locks and pressure points which is a major part of this style. Taika did not believe that sparring taught good habits; it was a part of the history, occasionally fun, and part of 'selling a school'.  

In short, we do occasionally suit up in the gear and spar in class, but this is NOT our focus.

We do ground work.  Many schools do not deal with the ground in general Karate, however we do.  Many fights end up on the ground and our hope is that we can prepare you for this inevitability, and teach you how to control the "how" of getting to the ground.  Your goal is to take it there and control it.



No cost to try us out at all.  We are cheaper because we train in a basement of a residence.  We have a rather large house available and paying a strip mall for rent, and utilities would bump up the price vastly.  We choose to not go this route.  The original school was in a strip mall and costs were higher which the students paid for.

As you reach Green Belt, your monthly fee comes down in steps till you are free as a Black Belt.  Yes it says free. As a Black Belt you are a peer. This is a major departure for the 'norm' in martial arts schools in other styles across the nation. There you usually keep paying more and the owner does less because they have you doing their work. Not here.


UNIFORM - A uniform is NOT required initially. 

IF you decide to continue your training to attain your black belt, then you must purchase an association uniform prior to that test.  While at our school, however, you may train in about anything you are comfortable in.  Sweats, Shorts, BDU's, T-Shirt.  It does not matter to us and does not cheapen your knowledge.  You can buy a $5 martial arts uniform at a garage sale, spend $150 on a fancy one, or just where the clothes you already own.  We do not care. No street shoes on the mats. You may wear wrestling shoes, socks, or go barefoot.


TESTING - We do not charge for any test at this school until Yudansha (black belt).  (See Rankings). 



PRESSURE - YOU set your pace and priorities. 

If you want to train without testing, that is up to you.  Any martial arts instructor is constantly assessing your "level" as you train.  There are basically two paths you can choose when training with us.  

  • Rank and File - You want to continue the association path to your first level of black belt (hopefully more).  You want to learn all the history, culture, and jump through all the regular hoops to get to this point.

  • Self-Defense - You just want to train and learn.  You won't be expected to memorize a bunch of Japanese words and philosophies.  You just train and when you are ready for more we give you more.  

You can always jump back and forth between the two, but the pressure is much less.  Your path is tailored to you.

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