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An Oyata Te School
11001 S. Jackson Ave.
Kansas City , Missouri 64137-2040
Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards

Assistant Instructors: Bob Koenig, Becky Dreisewerd


 Belt Rankings
June 07, 2014
10th Kyu (Jukyu)    
White Belt    
Interview with Instructor    
9th Kyu (Kukyu)    
White with Stripe or Tip Training Stances Theorem
Kata & Exercises Attention Begin "Sticky Hands" Exercises
Renshu Dai Ichi Bow (Rei---RAY) Begin Basic Tuite
Naihanchi Shodan no kata Ready Position (Yoi---YOO-EE) Know and explain proper breathing
  Crane Stance  
Hand Techniques Horse Stance Leg techniques
Punches (High, Middle, Low, Double, Triple)   Straight Kick
Forearm Strikes Combat Stances Front Kick
- Single Natural Stance  
- High Knuckle Back Stance  
-Upper Forearm Side Stance  
- Low Forearm Cat Stance  
- Double Forearm Step Stance  
  Forward Stance *  
  Hourglass Stance*  
8th Kyu (Hachikyu)    
Yellow Belt    
Kata & Exercises Hand techniques Theorem
Naihanchi Nidan no kata Shuto Strikes   Explain The 6 Basic Tuite Principles
Naihanchi Sandan no kata Palm-Heel Strike (+ Reverse) Learn Proper “Break-Fall” Techniques  
Bokken Renshu Dai Ichi Backfist Front Begin Basic Combination  Techniques
  Backfist Side  
Leg Techniques Forearm Thrust Memory/Discipline
Shin Kick (Down, Side, Reverse) Japanese Vocabulary List
Roundhouse Kick Thumb Strike  
Inside Roundhouse Kick    
7th Kyu (Nanakyu)    
Orange Belt    
Kata & Exercises Hand techniques Theorem
Renshu Dai Ni Wrist Strike "Double Kick" Concept
Renshu Dai San (Zig Zag Zu)        Wrist Parry (Land Turtle)  
Tomari Seisan no kata Palm Parry Kiai Check in Formation
  Uppercut Punch Controlled Kumite
Leg Techniques Ridgehand Perform all Techniques from Natural
Thrust Kick (To Front and Side)   Stance (During formation practice)
Back Kick    
Crescent Kick   Memory/Discipline
Ankle and Leg Sweeps   Dojo Kokoroe (5-6)
6th Kyu (Rokyu)    
Purple Belt    
Kata & Exercises Hand techniques Theorem
Passai no kata Down Elbow Strike Bogu Kumite
Renshu Dai Yon - Turtle Side Elbow Strike Controlled Takedowns
  Back Elbow Strike  
Leg Techniques Forward Elbow Strike Memory/Discipline
Reverse Roundhouse Kick Spinning Elbow Strike Tamashiware
Heel Kick    
Spin Back Kick    
5th Kyu (Gokyu)    
Blue Belt    
Kata & Exercises Hand techniques Memory/Discipline
Kusanku no kata Submission Holds 1-4 Anatomy 1
Weapons Elective 1 Cup Strikes  
  Spinning Back Fist  
Leg Techniques    
Front Knee Thrust  
Round Knee Thrust    
4th Kyu (Yonkyu)    
Green Brown    
Kata & Exercises Memory/Discipline Theorem
Ni Sei Shi no kata Anatomy 2 Assist Instructors
Weapons Elective 2    
3rd Kyu (Sankyu)   Memory/Discipline
Brown with Quarter Black Stripe   Shodo kihon daiichi
Kata & Exercises   Anatomy 3
Weapons Elective 3   Teach Kata and Renshu
Pinan Shodan
Pinan Nidan
Renshu Dai Go: Spider Web (Kumo no Orimono)
2nd Kyu (Nikyu)    
Brown with 1/2 Black Stripe    
Kata & Exercises   Memory/Discipline
Pinan Sandan   Shodo kihon daini
Pinan Yondan   Anatomy 4
Pinan Godan   Teach Tuite
Weapons Elective 4    
1st Kyu (Ikyu)    
Brown with three quarter black stripe    
Kata & Exercises   Memory/Discipline
Weapons Elective 5   Shodo Kihon Daisan
Technical Application Introduction   Anatomy 5
    Lineage and History
    Test Prep and Polish

First Degree Black Belt

Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt
(Typical Training Time is Six Years to This Point Assuming No Previous Martial Training)
Memorization of all Requirements
Minimum Attendance in Preceeding Year Greater Than 50% Excluding Pre-Arranged Exeptions
Consent of Both Owners of RyuShinKan Kenshūkai
Passing of Test in Front of Yudansha

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