Eventually, this will be a list of names in alphabetical order by last name with links to their picture pages.

Some have the wrong last name as I got their married and maidens mixed up but will correct.  Give me some time please....

Last Name First and Middle Married Last Name Year of Birth
Adaline Anna 1825
Adams Lottie Myrl 1903
Ashcraft Irma
Blair Clarence
Bollinger Priscilla 1824
Bollinger Susanna Elizabeth 1823
Borders Emma Myrtle Richards 1891
Carlton Kenny 1957
Cobb Ambrose
Crader Stella Faye 1935
Drum Columbus J. 1861
Eaker Alice
Garner Elwin 1921
Garner Thelma Cecil Richards 1917
George Leon
Gerecke Ray
Grisham Newton
Hanners Myria Susan 1863
Henry Helen
Hines Mary
Holt Lafayette 1853
James Jacob 1850
Killian Daniel 1848
Morgan Martha 1856
Newell John
Perkins Albert
Phillips Jack
Richards Alexander W. 1825
Richards Alma Mae 1906
Richards Amsey Monroe (A.C. or Clingman) 1860
Richards Anna Catherine 1852
Richards Bernice Goldie
Richards Bertie Betty E. 1917
Richards Carolyn 1945
Richards Clarence Glenn 1927
Richards Cynthia 1805
Richards Daniel Frederick 1833
Richards Edna Almeta
Richards Effie Marie 1915
Richards Elijah 1807
Richards Elizabeth Batstone 1966
Richards Glen Elvin 1938
Richards Harvey Elvin 1911
Richards Hattie Genevie 1883
Richards Hosie Orvel
Richards Isabell 1864
Richards James Anderson 1828
Richards James Anderson 1860
Richards James Jacob 1899
Richards James Loren 1940
Richards Jeptha Joseph 1819
Richards Joab A. 1811
Richards John Eli 1886
Richards Johnnie Edison
Richards John (Possible Ancestor)
Richards John R. 1809
Richards John Sterling 1847
Richards Lee Elvin 1967
Richards Leemon Odell 1932
Richards Lola Evaline
Richards Mandy Francis 1898
Richards Margaret Jean Garner 1944
Richards Martha Jane 1867
Richards Mary Ann 1824
Richards Mary Catherine 1885
Richards Mary Elizabeth 1844
Richards Mildred Jerldine (Jerri) Cumpton 1941
Richards Nellie C. 1815
Richards Otto Freeman 1909
Richards Ruben Lee 1895
Richards Sarah Magdalene 1852
Richards Starling 1817
Richards Stephen 1821
Richards Susan Elizabeth 1899
Richards Susan Pernicia 1856
Richards Wanda Lee Cummins 1936
Richards William 1776
Richards William 1842
Richards William Franklin 1891
Richards William M. 1812
Roberts William
Roby Matilda
Swartz Floyd
Taylor Martha Alice
Thomas John 1854
Ward Angie Wilson 1971
Ward Jamie Berzon 1975
Ward Wendy Lucchesi 1965
Whitehead Charles Herbert 1898
Whybark Mary N. 1837
Woodfin Leemon