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DNA Results received and new Tab Started

Myria Suzana Hanners Update on Picture: Per Donna (Kerfoot) Manegre, daughter of Frieda (Richards) Kerfoot , the little girl in the picture was a neighbor girl that snuck in the picture. Myria was apparently not very happy when she got the picture back and saw the little girl in it according to Frieda. Keep in mind, people didn't have personal cameras back then.


11-21-2007 Updated information regarding Johnny Edison Richards death and added pictures.
10-08-2006 A ton of new pictures and a "name" index added.  
Web Pages for the 6 kids of Harvey and Thelma Added
10-15-2006 Pages added for;

Jamie Berzon (Ward) plus pictures and chart
Angie Wilson (Ward)
Wendy Lucchesi (Ward)
Elizabeth Batstone (Richards) plus pictures and chart
Lee Richards plus pictures and chart

Updated Harvey and Thelma adding charts.
Added chart to Glen Richards

06-24-2007 Added more photo's from Effie Richards
07-09-2007 Added news about Edison Richards and Clarence Richards