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Richards Reunion - July 30th, 2011

Where: Olney, Illinois 62450 at Clarence Richards Lake Retreat
When: Little bit Friday night but primary reunion is all day Saturday the 30th.

Note: The reunion is two days after Clarence's birthday.

DNA: I've been working quite a bit on the family tree for the last few years but have not got past Rev William Richards and neither had any other the other researchers I'd found online. As of 01-27-2011, thanks to the gift of DNA samples from Barbara, it looks like I may have some new leads. The DNA info looks promising but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I'll hopefully post some more info on the DNA link to the left in the next few days. - 01-28-2011

To get started, I have begun with the charts, just click on the Charts button to the left and then click on the member you wish to know more about.  It will start with the top of the Richards Family tree, as far back as we know.  You may then click on each persons name to find out more.   It is unclear if I'll put the pictures in a separate section or just under the persons chart page.  I'm still working on my "structure".  Some of the buttons to the left will not work until I finish this.

I have an extensive file regarding the lineage in Family Tree Maker Pro.  The Richards family tree I only have back as far as the chart shows around 1776.  However other spouse branches of the Richards go back as far as the 1400's in Prussia/Germany.  If anyone wants a copy of that email me a lee AT  (You'll have to retype the email address with the @ sign instead of AT.  It was removed so that spam-bots can't get my email as easy.  You can also call me at 816.217.9965.

John Richards - Frances Richards (Blair) - Lizzy Richards (Roberts), Jake Richards - Alma Richards (Whitehead) - Marie Richards (Perkins)

Clarence Richards