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Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards



Tony K. Skeen

Tony has over 30 years of Defensive Tactics experience. His initial yudansha ranking was in Shito-Ryu. After teaching that system for 3 year he began his study of Ryukyu Kempo with Taika Seiyu Oyata which he then attained yudansha ranking in. After approximately 12 years of study within that system, Taika changed the name and curriculum of the system to RyuTe® Ren Mei. He has been teaching/studying this system continually throughout all those modification over the past 30 years.

Over the years Tony has previously participated in the study of numerous other systems of self-protection and martial pursuits. These included Tai Kwan Do, Aikido, Shodokan and Goju Ryu karate, along with Wing Chun, Hapkido, Judo, Iaido as well as (American) Western wrestling. Though having had conversations (in person) with individuals of other pursuits, those listed are the one's he has had the most "hands-on" experience with.

In addition to those studie, Tony has also actively pursued a practice of Japanese Brush Calligraphy (Shodo). He holds an instructor's license (Menkyo) in that endeavor as well, and offers instruction in its practice.

Relating to these studies, Tony has been actively affiliated with the instruction of Law Enforcement/Security Officer Training. That instruction has included Unarmed Defensive Tactics/Techniques, Prisoner Compliance Procedures, Handcuffing and Escort Techniquest & Procedures, Straight Nighstick Defensive Tactics and Escort Techniquest & Procedures, Sttraight Nightstick Defensive Tactis and Application Techniques, Handgun Retention Techniques (Holstered and Drawn), Side-Handle Baton Application/Retention Tactics, as well as Expandable Baton Application/Retention Tactics.

Tony's instruction experience has covered both private and public, group and individual instruction of department/corporate and private students/officer's over a 30 year period. He is a CPD/First-Aid/AED certified. He was a licensed Gunsmith for 10 years and have a functional working knowledge of firearm maintenance. He has worked for both private and corporate security and piror to his retirement, worked 16 years as a union electrician, some of which in foreman/supervision capacity.


Lee Richards

Lee Richards

Around 1976, and for reasons I cannot recall, I became obsessed with studying Karate. There was a YMCA near my house with a giant Karate banner out front. I begged my parents but alas, my Mother was too afraid that I would get injured and enrolled me in baseball.  From there I did the only thing I could and repeatedly checked out every martial arts book Ingles Elementary School had, though I seriously doubt these had much influence in later years.  Around 1984, while in high school I watched a friend handled himself quite well during a cafeteria brawl.  When queried he stated that he studied Bushidokan Karate.   I arranged for him to give me some private lessons, though these only gave me some basic blocks, punches and stances.  The project then regretably fell to the wayside.

I finally began real training in 1989 at Northland Ryukyu Kempo Budokai in Gladstone, Missouri. Instructors at the time were Shihan Michael Waddell, Fuku Shihan Tony K. Skeen, and Fuku Shihan Gene Burkhead. I additionally trained at another RyuTe® school in the Kansas City Metropolitan area as I wanted more hours of training and my first school was only open two days a week. With this supplement I was able to train six days a week at the two schools. I trained for six years until early in 1996 I went to a seminar where Taika Oyata told me to start attending the black belt class in preparation for Shodan. 

On July 19, 1996 I received my Shodan from Taika Oyata at summer camp at Tall Oaks. I continued training with Shihan Waddell until he handed his dojo over to Tony and me when he quit teaching around 1996. I continue to train with Taika Oyata at the International Headquarters in Independence, MO. For a while I trained at other Yudansha dojo in the Kansas City Metro. In 1996 we moved the dojo to its current location where Tony Skeen and I continued to teach until my job soon forced the closing of what we then simply called Budokai. In the summer of 2004 my job allowed me to begin having a more normal life as I no longer worked nights. Sandy Nellenbach urged me to start up a dojo again and so Kenshūkai was born. 

In addition to the martial arts, I am also an Advanced Trainer for the National Law Enforcement Training Center through the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. This is a set of courses for Law Enforcement. I am also an instructor in the Rapid Rotation Baton and the Monadnock PR-24 as well as Straight Batons.  I have been teaching law enforcement tactics beginning with Sundown Self-Defense Systems in 1990 until the present.


Sgt Richards Police Sergeant
Kansas City
Police Department

Our Dojo is in the Basement of a Police Sergeant for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Some people might seem uneasy at first going to a residence to train of someone they do not know, however the owner of the residence is a trusted member of the community. If you need further reference for trust you can contact the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department to gain further references. Having the dojo in a residence significantly reduces the cost to you, the end user. We are not required to charge exorbinant fees or lock you into a contract..


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