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Instructors: Tony Skeen, Lee Richards

Rape Prevention

Sundow Self-Defense Systems has been conducting Law Enforcement and Civilian training in basic defensive tactics, rape prevention, self-defense, handgun retention, and other life protection topics since the 1980's. Training topics and class time can be custom tailored to the individuals and event.

Serial Rapist

Waldo Rapist Sketch

Are you Safe?

Sundown Self-Defense Systems is no stranger to Rape Prevention seminars. Tony Skeen and Lee Richards began teaching Rape Prevention seminars through Budokai, the predecessor to Kenshūkai in the 1980's. We continued it through Sundown Self-Defense Systems which was the name we picked for our seminars in law enforcement and awareness.

What is different with Sundown Self-Defense Systems training?

For starters, you can come to any of our standard Life Protection classes in our karate school for a month for FREE. One month, not just one class. Repitition is what can save your life. No hidden charges. Not one penny spent other than possibly gas.

Additionally, techniques shown are natural human motions. Techniques help get you free from the bad guys grip, putting them down so you can escape. Techniques are ones that do not rely on your muscle strength and stature. Small students can enact the techniques as easily as larger ones.

If you don't come here, go somewhere. Some education and training in regards to self-defense is good. More is better.


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