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Lee Richards
, Tony Skeen

Character of Te (Hand)

Various Scripts of Tuite tuite
Calligraphy by Tony Skeen


Tuite is the art of Joint Manipulation and an integral part of Taika Seiyu Oyata's art and the legacy is continued in OyataTe International.

Students begin by learning the Six Basic Principles of Tuite from their first lesson.

As they progress, they apply these six basic rules to a set of various hand positions.  After a basic understanding has developed, they progress gradually to intermediate and advanced topics including GROUND TUITE and PINS.

Tuite Training Cards - A set of Training Cards based on the book are available for sale online.



Tuite push catch Tuite Wrap Tuite Wrap over top
Students learn various techniques from Pushes and Grabs, as well as how to migrate to Tuite from Punches and Kick.


Handgun Retention Tuite miss to outside Tuite Lapel Grab
Here we demonstrate Tuite for defense against a gun grab.  Missouri is a Concealed Carry State.  Instructors also teach Law Enforcement Classes. Tuite can be obtained from virtually any push or grab, or manipulated after applying a kyusho or atemi strike.


Barricaded Tuite Tuite Tuite
tuite tuite tuite
Tuite may be performed on people of various sizes, and does NOT require strength to complete.  


Supine to Prone Armbar Tuite Ground Pin
At this school we stress the completion of the techniques.  It is important not to neglect what happens once you take an opponent to the floor.  Students learn to take their partners carefully/controlled to the ground and weigh their options from that point.

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